About Me

Below is my biography from Broadview Strategy Group’s website:

John has been described as a ‘crusader’ for his efforts to carry forth a cause he believes in. His passion, drive and commitment to his work make him stand out in a crowded field of public relations experts. John’s mantra when it comes to work is that Broadview takes on causes, not ‘clients’. John likes to win and has a demonstrated track record for going the extra mile.

John has a varied professional background that includes stints as a community organizer, a Queen’s Park staffer, and Field Manager of a national public opinion research firm.

Tilting at windmills for almost three years as President of Wind Concerns Ontario taught John about the dynamics of being ‘David’ and slaying Galaith. In fact, one publication donned John with the title of ‘Ontario’s Giant Slayer’.

His work has generated a wide degree of interest and gained him the opportunity to address the prestigious Empire Club of Canada. He has delivered guest lectures at the University of Toronto, University of Guelph-Humber, and McMaster University on topics including citizen involvement in environmental assessments, earned media and grassroots lobbying strategies, the role of demonstrated public opinion and community acceptance in government decision making.

Laforet’s method of community mobilization and grassroots lobbying sets him and Broadview Strategy Group apart. Community organizations, corporations, labour groups and industry associations rely on him for strategic advice and campaign execution on a wide range of topics.

John has been published by ThompsonReuters, and has written syndicated columns for the QMI Agency. He is currently a blogger with Huffington Post Canada.