Spring is Springing in Toronto

I am amazed we are already in to April! It’s nice that the days are beginning to get longer, the sun is glowing stronger and signs of life are coming back.

This morning I woke up just before 6am and for the first time this year I heard the songbirds singing outside my window. It was pleasant and something I didn’t miss, until I had heard it again, and could not remember the day they stopped last year.

Next week ferry service returns to the Toronto Island, which will make visiting my sailboat easier, by cutting down the 6km round trip walk to mere metres, and will likely signal it is time to spend the next couple of weekends and evenings after work getting her ready for another season.

I have no complaints about winter, but at the same time the transition from winter to spring is always my favourite time of the year.

Perhaps it is the positivity associated with renewal, of growth, warmth and light. While my record for keeping arbitrarily set New Years resolutions is spotty, each spring around this time I create an unofficial list of ‘things to do’ to appreciate the season and improve my work/life balance, which tends to tilt more and more toward work as the days get shorter and the winds colder.

This spring/summer and fall I’m resolving to bike more often, especially along Toronto’s Martin Goodman trail, which can connect my house to work and to the marina where I will keep my boat. I’m looking forward to spending more time on the water with after work sails in the harbour and weekend boating adventures. My hope is that this year, with the work I’m doing to the boat, fewer of those will be misadventures. After taking two summers without wilderness canoe trips, 2013 will be my first effort to get back into the habit of spending a week exploring one of Ontario’s provincial parks by canoe, cellphone and technology free.

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