My Thoughts On Kathleen Wynne Being Elected Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party

I wrote a blog entry for Huffington Post two days before the Ontario Liberal Party delegate election meetings titled ‘Kathleen Wynne for the Ontario Liberal Leadership Win?‘. I summarized the reasons I thought Kathleen Wynne was best positioned among the six remaining candidates to win the Liberal Leadership. This isn’t and wasn’t an endorsement, but merely an exercise in observing the facts that were available and determining how a number of variables would play out point by point.

Tonight, Kathleen Wynne has won and will soon become Ontario’s next Premier. Her job now is to set a course for the province that will allow her to stay. That only works if she can demonstrate to voters she intends to govern in their interest.

She is in a tough spot and may find it difficult to avoid an election at this point.

We need one soon. But until then, Kathleen Wynne does have a short period of time before an election to differentiate herself from her party’s record. If she has any hope of winning, or saving the Liberals from plummeting, she needs to prove herself and fast.

McGuinty’s nine years as Premier have left a number of communities hurting, and it is important that the next Premier, and the one after that do everything they can to learn from the mistakes and mismanagement of their predecessor.

We will see what happens in the days and weeks ahead, but with the end of the Ontario Liberal Leadership race and the election of a Premier — at least we are closer to getting bad to a normal place politically, and out of the unprecedented spot McGuinty’s resignation has left our province in.

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