John Laforet: Is 2013 Going To Be The Year of Three Premiers?

Dalton McGuinty has announced his intention to resign as Premier, once the Ontario Liberal Party chooses a successor for him, which is expected to happen at the end of January. Whomever wins McGuinty’s crown in 85 days, will be sworn in as Premier likely two or three weeks later.

With support for the Ontario Liberals plummeting over the last number of months, and an emboldened opposition holding the balance of power in the legislature, McGuinty’s successor will likely fall on their budget, triggering a spring election that the Liberal Party will have an incredibly difficult time winning.

Polls show the next election will likely result in another minority government, with the PCs having a slight advantage on the seat count, but not necessarily the popular vote — adding an additional dose of volatility.

It’s anyone’s guess how this all shakes out, but it is hard to try to understand how any of this instability is good for people and businesses in our province. We effectively have a lame duck Premier for the next 85 days, who will be replaced by another lame duck Premier, who completely lacks a mandate and might last another 90 days on their own.

Ontario needs renewal and a new Premier to lead that. That said, the sooner citizens get to vote on who that Premier is, the better for everyone, because at least that will bring democracy back to decision making in our province.

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